Our Mission

To preserve one of our planet’s most valuable resource, its soil, through the restoration of contaminated areas to their life-giving origins.

Our Path to Success

BioGenesis is recognized by the world’s gold standard in environmental protection policy (USEPA) as the best-in-class technology.

Our disruptive pricing model allows for a green, sustainable solution at or below the cost of traditional landfill disposal.

Our international acceptance as one of the only “green” solutions viable outside the laboratory.

Expansion of our network of strategic partners, through outreach and education that highlight our ability to bring economic viability to previously unaffordable remediation projects.

Core Values


We continuously diversify our skillset and develop new processes to better target the complex challenges associated with the environments and industries we serve.


We incorporate social and environmental responsibility into all business relationships and practices. Our decisions and actions are focused on protecting and conserving natural resources while balancing environmental, social and economical needs. We consider both the immediate impact and the long-term implications of our practices in maintaining or improving the environment.


Protecting the health and safety of our employees and stakeholders is our top priority. We incorporate safety and risk assessment procedures into all levels of our operations and company structure.