Breakthrough Remediation Technologies

BioGenesis solves your environmental challenges by designing the process, building equipment and plants, and even operating them if you prefer.

Our unique technology is more cost effective than current waste and soil treatment processes, like landÔ¨Āll, and less expensive than alternatives like thermal desorption and bioremediation. And with rapid bench testing and system development, we can quickly proceed from concept to full-scale implementation.

Soil Decontamination

The BioGenesis Soil and Sediment Decontamination Process is an ex-situ, on-site extraction technology for organic pollutants and metals.

Our decontamination technology is an efficient, true cleaning process unlike conventional approaches to remediation. The process can be used on all types of soil (gravel, sand, silt and clay) and can clean soil particles as small as 1 micrometer. A single soil remediation system, using complex bio-remediating surfactants and water, washes up to 70 tons of soil and sediment an hour, depending on the pollutant, contamination level and soil type.

Sediment Decontamination

The BioGenesis Sediment Decontamination Technology is a low-temperature process. It removes organic and inorganic contamination from soil and sediment particles through impact forces and a propriety blend of chemicals.

Patented by BioGenesis in December 2001, the process is designed to decontaminate both coarse-grained (sand-sized) and fine-grained (silt- and clay-sized) particles, by isolating individual particles and removing contaminants and contaminated organic material. The result is decontaminated sediment that can be used as a fill material or as a raw material in the production of topsoil or other beneficial construction-grade products.

Industrial Chemicals

Our cleaning compounds use innovative, proprietary technology for both general purpose and emulsion degreasing applications. They are particularly effective on oils, grease, and metals. They are safe to handle, rapidly biodegradable, and do not produce noxious fumes or gases.

BioGenesis cleaners are excellent replacements for a wide variety of halogenated hydrocarbon and chlorofluorocarbon-based cleaners, which are being phased out of the market due to increasingly stringent government regulations. Unlike detergents and microbial cultures, our products work by augmenting powerful cleaning with the ability to accelerate the natural degradation of organic pollutants.

Oilfield Remediation

Our Soil/Sediment Decontamination Processes have been adapted for use in managing remediation needs in oilfield applications for both new and legacy material processing.

BioGenesis has recently deployed two large-scale systems in the Middle East to help with the on-going efforts to remediate oil-contaminated sands. Additional systems will soon be added. We have also recently developed a mobile version of our system for deployment on smaller volume and site-specific remediation needs. In both applications, soil and sand can be cleaned to residential standards and the oil can be recovered for use.