Dredge and Cap Alternative

BioGenesis has developed and proven the technology to decontaminate dredged material, allowing beneficial reuse of this material rather than landfilling the contaminated sand and sediment.


This environmentally and ecologically responsible approach can also be more cost effective for projects involving hydrocarbons, PCBs, heavy metals, etc.  In addition, it may be possible to eliminate the need for the installation and on-going maintenance of the cap.

Oil and Gas

Since 2013, BioGenesis has been an integral part of large-scale remediation efforts in the oil and gas sector in the Middle East.

This technology is well-suited to manage a wide range of hydrocarbon contaminants in a variety of materials, soils, sands and sediments.

Federal, State and International Contracting

BioGenesis is experienced leading Federal and State remediation contracts of various sizes and complexity. Currently, we specialize in projects through international organizations and private firms throughout the world.



BioGenesis services the remediation needs of specific industrial applications, including steel mill wastes, general waste discharge, tank farm leaks, railway chemical and hydrocarbon spills, and general oil spill containment and remediation.

Our unique and industry-specific remediation techniques are advantageous in many applications. Tell us about your problem and we will propose a solution.


BioGenesis remediation processes successfully treat over 200 known pollutants – including hydrocarbons, PCBs and dioxins. The processes address problems presented by a wide variety of particle sizes, as well as unique pollutants such as manure and excessive nutrient imbalance.

Where other companies and their technologies fail, BioGenesis offers turn-key solutions including soil/sand/sediment remediation and soil supplements for specific needs.