Resolving Environmental Liabilities

BioGenesis offers a unique toolbox of processes and technologies to address virtually all industrial contaminants, including organic and inorganic compounds. Using this toolbox, we empower environmental contractors, service providers and others to resolve environmental liabilities in a sustainable fashion, recovering 95+% of incoming soil streams as living soil.

An Easier, Sustainable Alternative to Landfill

As landfill space becomes more expensive, and obtaining permits more challenging, burying solids becomes a less appealing investment. Our technology allows for the efficient, affordable, sustainable recovery and beneficial re-use of material streams.

Soil Decontamination

Innovative system for Decontamination and Recovery of impacted soils, with recovery of 95+% of the incoming feed material.


Oil & Gas Solutions

Semi-mobile and Mobile Treatment Units for the management of liquids, sludges and solid wastes produced in the Oil & Gas industry.


Sediment Decontamination

Sediment Treatment Systems for the management of sediments contaminated with hydrocarbons, heavy metals, and organic contaminants.


Broad Vision, Global Reach.

Remediation of Impacted Oilfield Fine Sands

Learn about how our semi-mobile systems are capable of decontaminating fine sands at up to 90 MT per hour.

In-house Chemical and Machinery Manufacturing

Our systems are developed as a comprehensive whole. Equipment and Process Chemicals are developed and produced in-house.

We’re ready to economically manage and recover a variety of difficult material streams anywhere around the globe! Learn how today!

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